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Proud to Be a Partner

C.M.Muneer and Sons is a proud partner and work with and for products of the following world class manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Planet Technology Corporation

    PLANET provides industry-leading, reliable, and standard-based networking products and solutions to fulfill user needs with the most complete range of product offerings and superior cost-benefit performance. With a strong mission to be a Pioneer of IP Innovation in the global market, PLANET designs and manufactures networking products and provides solutions to achieve continuous innovations. It is delivering its promise to be a worldwide Internet Protocol-based (IP) technology leader. As well, it has also been demonstrating its consistent commitment to innovation, quality, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Hyperlink Technology

    HyperLink offers a wide line of wireless products since 1994, ranging from bi-directional amplifiers to wireless LAN antenna systems. The HyperLink wireless brand serves a diverse commercial and government customer base worldwide and offers complete, high performance wireless LAN solutions for commercial, government, and military applications. In June 2007, L-com acquired HyperLink Technologies of Boca Raton, Florida.
  • Dream Multimedia GmbH

    Dream Multimedia are the prime manufacturers of top quality set top boes for satellite, terrestrial and cable tv. The famous Dreamboxes run on Linux based operating systems providing users total control over their multimedia experiences.
  • Tianjin Import and Export Coporation - China

    Since 1972 Tianjing Import and Export Corporation have been supplying quality electrical and insulator equipment. Our partnership has grown with the business and TIEC is our prime partner in China for sourcing quality products at affordable prices to our esteemed customers.
  • Chi Mei Coporation

    Since its founding in 1959, Chi-Mei Corporation has been a major player in the Petro-Chemical industry for more than 40 years. Chi Mei was the first acrylic sheet manufacturer in Taiwan. Its ACRYPOLYR was called the Acrylic Sheet of Taiwan, and the chairman Hsu became known as the "Father of Taiwan Acrylic¨. Not only being one of the largest ABS, PS, AS, BR, TPE and PMMA maker in the world, Chi-Mei has also ventured into different fields such as Food, Hospitality, Telecommunication, Trading, and other Hi-Tech manufacturing industries. In August of 2002, Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) completed its IPO on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and was the first listed company with the Chi Mei Group. Chi-Mei Corporation affiliates has combined net sales over 10.5 billion US Dollars in 2006, and has employees more than 36,000.